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Can the School Bus change location or drive during the rental period ?

Not yet, but in the future it could be moved anywhere.

What sanitary facilities are there in the school bus ?

The bus is equipped with a dry toilet, a bathtub and a sink in the bathroom.

Are there curtains everywhere ?

All windows have curtains, except the windscreen, which has no opposite side, so your privacy is maintained.

Is there a heating/air-conditioning system ?

Yes, there is air conditioning in summer and a heater for cosy warmth in winter.

Can the bus be locked from the inside ?

Yes, there is a lockdown so you can sleep peacefully.

Can we cook ?

Of course! The bus has a kitchen with a fridge, 2 gas burners, a sink, two worktops and all the necessary utensils.

Is there a hi-fi system ?

To preserve the sound of nature and the tranquillity of the site, no sound system is installed.

Can I hire the bus to party with my friends ?

The bus is a place of rest and relaxation, but nothing stops you from partying in the afternoon and evening until 10pm.

Is all the material (charcoal, paper, matches, grill, tongs, etc.) supplied with the barbecue ?

Everything is there to make your BBQ/Brasero evening the best ever !

Is breakfast included ?

Not at the moment, but we invite you to consider our Barbecue or Terroir Gold packages, which include a host of fresh, local produce.

Are there sockets to charge my electronic devices ?

USB 5V sockets and conventional connections are available throughout the bus.

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